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We have the affordable and reliable coverage you need. From a variety of employer offered insurance options, to several member-based association and trade plans, you'll find the best solution for your group. Plus the largest PPO network and our custom management services make BCBSOK your best choice.

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2020 Medium and Large Group Plans

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Blue Distinction Specialty Care Benefit Differential

Total Care Benefit Differential

The state's most widespread network of PPO choices.

This money-saving plan has more than 6,000 Blue Choice doctors, hospitals and other health care providers from which to choose. If you choose Blue Choice with physician's office copayment, most routine Blue Choice physician's office visits require only a small copayment. And that's all that is owed, regardless of whether a deductible has been met.


Health Reimbursement Accounts: Save $$$ on premiums — add a health reimbursement account (HRA) to a high-deductible Blue Choice or BluePreferred plan. You can save on premiums and your employees get help with their high deductible. Our BlueEdge Health Care Accounts offer many new features including fully integrated claims processing and online tools.

Sign up for the state of Oklahoma's new premium assistance program.


Insure Oklahoma, otherwise known as O-EPIC (Oklahoma Employer/Employee Partnership for Insurance Coverage), is the first program of its kind in assisting those who might otherwise go without medical care. By participating in the Insure Oklahoma program small businesses owners, employees and their spouses may enjoy more affordable premiums.


Learn more about Insure Oklahoma.

Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Oklahoma (BCBSOK) is working with the Oklahoma Independent Petroleum Association (OIPA), Central Oklahoma Clearing House Association (COCHA) and Central Oklahoma Manufacturers' Association (COMA) to make it easier for member businesses to provide affordable group health coverage to employees. Businesses associated with any of these organizations can choose from a variety of Workforce Blue health care plans, priced within their budget, with physicians and health care providers they trust. To complete the benefits package, association members can also purchase Life, Dental, Short-term Disability (STD), Long-term Disability (LTD), and other voluntary products from Dearborn National.*


Plan Features:

  • PPO plan options: Choose from BlueChoice® PPO, BlueOptions® PPO or BluePreferred® PPO
  • Multiple deductibles and copayments available
  • Cobertura para medicamentos con receta
  • Network availability in all 50 states
  • Life, dental and disability benefits available



  • OIPA, COCHA or COMA membership is required.
  • Employer groups with 51-150 eligible employees can participate in the plan.
  • Participating employer medical groups must maintain 100 percent participation among eligible employees. (This does not include employees who have other coverage, work part-time, or are in a waiting period.)


Common renewal for Workforce Blue will be Oct. 1 of each year.


Learn more about Workforce Blue for COMA .

Learn more about Workforce Blue for COCHA .

Learn more about Workforce Blue for OIPA .



* Products and services marketed under the Dearborn National® brand and the star logo are underwritten and/or provided by Fort Dearborn Life Insurance Company®.


Fort Dearborn Life Insurance Company does not provide Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Oklahoma products and services and is a separate company.


SM Service Mark of the Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association, an Association of Independent Blue Cross and Blue Shield Plans


Quality health coverage with money-saving tax advantages.


HSA Blue is a high-deductible group PPO plan that allows members to open a health savings account with a qualified financial institution and benefit from money-saving tax advantages.


Learn more about HSA Blue 


Health savings accounts are subject to rules set out in the Internal Revenue Code and IRS regulations, which may change or be interpreted. Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Oklahoma is offering a health plan only and is not offering tax or investment advice. This information is a summary, and you should seek advice from qualified tax and investment advisors for details regarding your HSA and the tax treatment of that arrangement.

A low-cost PPO for employer groups.


BlueOptions is a unique PPO plan that offers the widest choices of network doctors and hospitals, yet is priced significantly lower than other standard PPO plans. Plus, BlueOptions is designed to encourage your employees to make consumer-driven decisions about their health care.


Here's how BlueOptions can offer more provider choices at a lower monthly premium: Employers and their employees pay a low premium for in-network coverage through our smaller PPO network. But if employees want services from providers in our larger networks, they pay a higher coinsurance amount for those services. So instead of the entire group paying higher premiums for some employees to use the larger networks, only the employees who use those networks will pay to use them.


Learn more about the BlueOptions PPO plan from the BlueOptions PPO brochure .

Lower cost. Great benefits.


You save on premiums, because Blue Preferred cuts cost without eliminating choices. Employers select the deductible and benefits that are right for them. Blue Preferred has a smaller network and may work best for groups with employees closer to metro locations. Llame al 1-800-281-0446 o e-mail our marketing department.

You don't have to choose between quality health insurance benefits and affordable coverage. With BlueLincs HMO, you have a wide choice of physicians and an impressive list of benefits - with low out-of-pocket costs, solid protection and invaluable peace of mind.

Learn more about BlueLincs HMO.

Our dental plans offer flexibility and a variety of options so you can customize according to your needs, all at an affordable price. Plus, BlueCare Dental Connection provides value-added resources and tools to help improve oral health, estimate costs and find the right dentist.

Learn more about group dental plans.

To complete a benefits package, a full range of life, disability, vision, accident and critical illness products are available. Más información.

Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Oklahoma (BCBSOK) offers employer and union groups a choice when it comes to Medicare health coverage for their retirees. Blue Cross Group Medicare Options include Medicare Advantage, Supplemental Medical, and Prescription Drug plans.

Learn more about Blue Cross Group Medicare OptionsSM

Our new Blue High Performance NetworkSM (Blue HPNSM) is designed to deliver greater value for you and your employees. We select providers for Blue HPN that are focused on delivering quality care, and the network provides an average of more than 10% savings1 compared to the PPO.

Learn more about Blue HPN

Get a quote for your company's group health plan

For more information about Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Oklahoma group health plans, call 1-800-281-0446 or e-mail our marketing department.

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Your employees can interact with an independently contracted board-certified MDLIVE doctor. Esto se puede hacer por teléfono las 24 horas del día, los siete días de la semana. Además, los terapeutas de MDLIVE certificados por la Junta están disponibles a través de video en línea o la aplicación móvil (con cita). Los médicos de MDLIVE pueden tratar muchas enfermedades y problemas de salud mental que no son de emergencia. Ver detalles.

Ancillary Products

To complete a benefits package, a full range of life, disability, vision, accident and critical illness products are available. Más información.