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Incentivos de salud

Wellness incentives are rewards members can earn by engaging in specific healthy activities. They can be offered to groups of 151 or more employees with any Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Oklahoma (BCBSOK) product or on a standalone basis. The employer selects the eligible activities, corresponding rewards and decides who is eligible to earn rewards - employees only, employees and spouses or the whole family. Incentives are even available to employees who do not participate in your BCBSOK health plan.

Employer Advantages

  • Choice — You can choose from more than 60 member activities, including health risk assessment, annual physical, preventive eye and hearing exams, preventive mammogram and flu shot.
  • Control - You determine start and end dates for each activity. You can decide when activities will be rewarded, which lets you use future dates.
  • Limited Liability - You can set a maximum amount for each activity for individuals and families as well as establish a maximum for all combined activities. You can also set lifetime maximums at individual and family levels.
  • Reporting — BCBSOK offers reports to show member level activity and participation rates broken out by each type of incentive.
  • No fees - There are no administrative fees.

Conéctese a Blue Access for EmployersSM and visit the Employer Guide to Member Activities tab within the Employer Resources’ Health and Wellness section, or contact your BCBSOK representative to find out more about how a Wellness Incentives Fitness program can add value to your group’s health care insurance plan.

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