Blue Access for Employers


BlueOptimize, a BlueOptions® product, gives employers the flexibility to choose their provider and network at the time of service, but at even more savings than the standard BlueOptions plan.

Here's how it works

With BlueOptimize and BlueOptions, lower deductible plans are available - and all plans have the office visit copay benefit for better first-dollar coverage. Premium savings comes from coinsurance tier levels - more coinsurance paid when members choose providers from the money-saving BluePreferred network. Yet choice of providers isn't limited to one network. In fact, choice is expanded. BlueOptimize and BlueOptions members can get in-network benefits from the larger BlueChoice and BlueTraditional networks, just with lower coinsurance. That way, only the employees who want the larger network pay for it - no one else in your group does - including the employer itself.

Lower premiums, better first-dollar coverage, and better opportunity for employees' long-term health: Only Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Oklahoma can deliver all that.

BlueOptimize — same flexibility, more savings

BlueOptimize offers two deductible options, alternate coinsurance percentages, and a $30 office visit/copay.

With BlueOptimize, you'll benefit from the same Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Oklahoma network of doctors and hospitals, but at a price that optimizes your budget and provides you with more savings. For more information, call 800-281-0446.

Producers: Find out more about BlueOptimize on Blue Access for ProducersSM.

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